Steam Nozzle Precise Pressure Reducer
HG Efficiency Steam Shrink Tunnel
¡@ SS Tunnel Series
Machine Feature/
¡¯ Frame constructed with stainless steel, non-coating process, pollution free.
¡¯ Equipped with steam storage tank to spray the steam more evenly.
¡¯ Dual wall desigh for energy saving and heat isolation.
¡¯ Multiple sets of steam nozzle enable user to adjust according to sleeve position.
¡¯ Equippted with treapping and draining device for evacuation of waste steam.
¡¯ Equipped with steam pressure reducer, stabiling steam pressure.
¡¯ Extra steam exhaust design that prevent steam leaking from tunnel.


1500 x 540 x 1850 2000 x 540 x 1850 3000 x 540 x 1850
310kg 400kg 530kg
Electric Power

AC-3 Phase 0.75KW

Steam Input Pressure
Below 3kg
Steam Nozzle
12 set
24 set
24 set
Electric Power

AC-3 Phase 380V / 0.75KW

Tunnel Entry Size
Wide  150mm¡BHeight  320mm


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