Company Introduction
  With more than 10 years experience in building shrink sleeves applicator system, Hardgoods Company is experienced to work in line with all type of automatic machine: stretch blow molding machine, filling machine, labeling machine, tray packing machine or other packaging system. Hardgoods Company is famous with our frontier spirit to professional development, high quality workmanship, excellent, technical service, perfect examination and simplicity in use, as well as covering the repair and maintenance of machines, convenience in operations, and requirements of complete automation and safety. In packaging industrial, Hardgoods Company is smart in the skill of shrink sleeve labeling. We innovates many labeling skill through out many type of product: curve bottle, oil bottle, soft drink, yogurt cup, cosmetic container, even eye drop container. Hardgoods Company is not only aim for Taiwan, but also aim for the world market.
Major Product
HG Shrink Sleeve Applicator
  It also called sleever, sleeve binder, label inserting machine, shrink labeler even called labeling machine. The machine is to apply or insert shrink sleeve label on the container. Most use to apply full height sleeves or tamper evident neck bands, Hardgoods Company manufacture all models for applying heat shrinkable sleeve label or neckbands which is commonly used on most food packages ranging from bottles, yogurt cup and margarine bowl, and eye drop container. Shrink sleeves can wrap and conform to a container¡¦s every curve, enabling complete decoration of unusual shapes from top to bottom with 360 degrees. Shrink sleeves are widely used to decorate everything from foods, beverages, cosmetic, medical and even personal products like eye drop, lighter, marker pen. There are more packaging thought is look forward shrink sleeve than sticky label for a brighter packaging.
HG Shrink Tunnel
  Shrink Tunnel is second stage in sleeve application system which is applying heat shrinkable sleeve labels or tamper evident bands. Hardgoods Company is professional to design and manufacture steam, convection hot air and infrared radiant tunnel. All Hardgoods shrink tunnels are made of heavy gauge stainless steel with triple wall construction. We calculate the hot air by directing it back into blowers for optimal energy efficiency and insulate operators away from high heats. In addition heat tunnel models, Hardgoods assist to build customize ideal system for customer. With extensive experience with all variations of shrink sleeve applications, Hardgoods utilizes the technologies to set up high-speed operations with two or more tunnels of the same or of different type tunnel by different sequence, for example, a pre-shrink or post-shrink unit. Our steam shrink tunnel is an adjustable manifold system provides highly efficient, reliable and low cost. The tunnel supplies steam directly and evenly to the heat shrink sleeves without stampede situation. The heavy dual stainless steel wall and steam flowing method provide the most uniform and distortion-free results and are particularly
well suited for infill bottle.
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